Infrared Thermography

Save Yourself Lost Productivity and Money with an Infrared Thermography Scan from Paulson Electric

Using Infrared Thermography Services from Paulson Electric is a small investment with a big payoff, allowing you to keep your organization operating smoothly.

  • How does is work?
Our Infrared Thermography Imager sees what you can't. It sees systems overheating; problems invisible to the naked eye. Whether the overheating is in your electrical system, or your mechanical equipment, Paulson Electric will find it. We can also help you find water and air leaks that are invisible to the naked eye. Infrared Thermography allows you to fix issues before they become problems-problems that may cost you money when you experience breakdowns that cause downtime.

  • We are ITC certified in Infrared Thermography.
Like going to your dentist for a checkup, this preventative maintenance service is low cost-and it may save you from more painful and expensive problems later on.

  • You owe it to your business to do a regular Infrared Thermographic checkup-It's the smart thing to do.
Our certified technicians have the expertise to diagnose potential problems and identify solutions. Infrared thermography shows you what the naked eye can't. Contact us today and set up an appointment for a systems check that will keep your business healthy and reduce your risk for breakdowns and downtime.

Saving you money is our goal.